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CW-X Women's TIGHTS HXY499

CW-X Women's TIGHTS HXY499

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Hip/knee support

Recommended for sports that place a load on the knees, such as jogging and walking.

CW-X's unique taping principle protects the knees from impact when landing.
The support line suppresses unnecessary movement of muscles and can be expected to reduce muscle fatigue during exercise.

A material that is soft, smooth against the skin, lightweight and durable.
・Support parts: hip joints, thighs, knees, calves
・Design: CW-X original step pressure

【Product Features】

  • Adjustable waist string
  • Waist: Thin and flat with rubber sandwiched
  • Sleeves: Overlock finish
  • Logo: Retro-reflective
  • Power net skin side


  • Sweat absorption and quick drying
  • UV cut rate of 90% or more
  • stretch

●Cannot be used in pools due to the material being weak against chlorine.

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