The Concept Store

Trailblazer is a concept store that provides both goods and services to customers in hiking, running and trail-running.  Not only do we provide a wide selection of professional gear, we also focus on tailoring a variety of services for our customers.  We are keen in organizing workshops, seminars  and events that focus on the art of running, trail-running and hiking by inviting seasoned athletes and experts to educate our customers. Our goal is to promote sports at a corporate level so that the wellness of everyone can be enhanced.


Trailblazer was set up with the passion to inspire

At Trailblazer, we firmly believe that age is just a number.  We hope everyone can enjoy outdoor sports and to always challenge themselves in spite of their age. Our mission is to encourage people to connect with and appreciate nature through trail running, running and hiking.


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Our social media platforms on Facebook and Instagram will keep you up to date on the latest seminars we’ve organized, the stories shared by our runners, expert tips on health and nutrition, and much more.

We are here to create an open-minded community and a safe space for runners, KOLs, NGOs, and all passionate individuals to share their experiences.

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