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Trailblazer x Who's aromist pack

Trailblazer x Who's aromist pack

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Rose Centifolia x1 & Insect Repellents x1

Rose Centifolia

-Floral water 100%Natural Rose Floral water


Insect Repellents

-with Organic Essential Oils of Eucalyplus, Lavender, Lemongrass & Patchouli


About WHO's Aromist

WHO’s Aromist was established in 1995 from one retail store firstly carrying branded essential oils and aromatherapy products today with its own private label.
The word “WHO” is derived from the initials of World Herbal Origin denoting the source for the purest essential oils and highest quality aromatherapy products.
It is a place for all those seeking an enjoyable, relaxing and stimulating aroma experience and appreciating the natural, simple yet fine things in life that enhance emotional balance.
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