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Ta Energy Electrolytes Hydration Tabs

Ta Energy Electrolytes Hydration Tabs

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The hydration tabs that bring you optimal hydration and compensate your losses in mineral salts during your sports practice.

Tā electrolyte tabs Made in France, provide optimal hydration while offering you the pleasure of a lightly fruity and low-calorie drink available in 5 flavors (lemon, wild berry, tropical fruit, strawberry kiwi and watermelon).

Vitamins C, B12, B6 and B2 present in tabs, promote normal energy metabolism and reduce fatigue. Our electrolytes bring the ideal dose of sodium, of potassium, of calcium and of magnesium for prolonged performance during the exercise.

During exercise, you sweat, losing key electrolytes, which can lead to a drop in performance or even a dehydration.

Tā tabsmake up for the sodium and minerals lost in sweat during your various sports activities. This loss of electrolytes can also be the cause of muscle disturbances such as cramps.

Recommended use

Pour one tab into a 500 to 800ml water container. Drink from the beginning of the effort and at regular intervals. Depending on your needs and the conditions of the event, you can over or under dose your hydration drink.

Drinking Tā tabs BEFORE, DURING and AFTER exercise will help you maintain an ideal electrolyte level (12 tabs per tube).


Acidifiers: Citric acid - Edulcolant: Sorbitol - Sodium bicarbonate - Potassium chloride - Sodium chloride - Natural aroma - Calcium carbonate - Magnetium oxide - Natural colors - Vitamin C - Educant: Sodium saccharinat, Sucraleose - Vitamins: B12, B6, B2


What is dehydration?

Dehydration is a physiological state which corresponds to a lack of water and mineral salts in the body, essential to the proper functioning of the body. Sometimes without even knowing it, we are dehydrated. Several symptoms can then appear such asheadaches, low energy, cramps, lack of concentration or dry skin.

What are the electrolytes?

Electrolytes compensate for the loss of mineral salts in sweat by providing potassium, sodium, magnesium and calcium. They do not contain sugar and therefore allow you to stay hydrated during exercise. The body needs sufficient electrolytes to regulate the balance of liquids, basis of all vital processes, because the body is composed of 60% water.

What is the optimal hydration ?

Good hydration is always important whether during exercise or during the rest of the day, especially in the days or weeks before an event or after an intense effort. Thus, hydration tablets can be taken during the preparation, the effort itself and the recovery.During exercise, remember to drink at regular intervals. For example, every quarter of an hour, one to three sips. Avoid waiting until you are completely dehydrated.

How do hydration tabs work?

1 tube contains 12 effervescent tabs. Just put a tab in 500 ml up to 800 ml of water to underdose or overdose depending on the intensity of the effort.

How many electrolytes does a tab contain ?

In one tab, there is 350 mg of sodium and 80 mg of potassium, 56 mg of magnesium; mineral salts that will allow prolonged performance during the exercise.

What type of vitamins are used in tabs ?

In hydration tabs, you will findvitamins C, B12, B6 and B2. These vitamins support the production of energy and the proper functioning of the nervous system. They also contribute to the normal metabolism of iron in the body and help reduce fatigue.

How many calories are there in a tab ?

One tab contains between 7 and 8 calories. Indeed, the main objective is the optimal contribution in hydration and not in energy. However, a good hydration, contributes to give the necessary energy during the effort.

Can the tabs help me reduce cramps?

Cramps come from a state of dehydration. We're talking about a lack of mineral salts. That's why we created Tā electrolytes that will allow you to hydrate effectively so as to avoid the appearance of cramps.

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