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Para'Kito Spray (7 Hours)

Para'Kito Spray (7 Hours)

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Colour: SENSITIVE SKIN (Family)

Para'Kito Spray 75ml -SENSITIVE SKIN (Family)

Our formula has been specifically developed to be suitable for sensitive skinsno alcohol, enriched with extracts of sweet almond (moisturizing) and shea butter (calming and soothing) for a gentle milky texture.

 Suitable for babies from 12 months

 Long lasting efficacy, 7 hours proven efficacy against Culex & tiger mosquitoes as well as ticks

Dermatologically tested - No animal testing

 Using mineral (clay) and vegetal (cellulose) binders with no alcohol or synthetic surfactants, our ClayCell-Complex technology reduces the repellent active penetration into the epidermis, enhancing its efficacy

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