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Overstim.s RED TONIC gel

Overstim.s RED TONIC gel

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Overstims RED TONIC gel

A true instant energy concentrate, the RED TONIC gel helps support your intense sporting activities and maintain a fast pace.

Take the RED TONIC gel during a sporting activity any time you need to replenish maximum energy as quickly as possible and be at the top of your game again.

Its liquid texture makes it especially practical and enjoyable to consume during a sporting activity.

The RED TONIC gel provides :

  • instant energy
  • ginseng
  • guarana (naturally sourced caffeine)
  • intense freshness (mint-eucalyptus)

The natural flavours (mint / eucalyptus) in the RED TONIC gel are nice and refreshing.

The RED TONIC gel has no preservatives, no colouring and is naturally gluten-free.

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