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Fizan Compact 4 Grey Trekking Poles (Single Pole)

Fizan Compact 4 Grey Trekking Poles (Single Pole)

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Colour: Grey

The Compact series has always been the most popular product line of FIZAN throughout the years. Built with ALU 7001 Aluminium Alloy, the Compact has been famously known for its stiffness and durability.

Compact 4 is regarded as the most portable model among the series with its 4 Section FLEXY Locking System, specifically designed for those who would love to have a pair of ready-to-go trekking pole in your backpack. Having only 51cm at its shortest while fully folded, the Compact 4 could definitely be your best travelling partner anywhere.

The Best and The Lightest-ALU 7001
ALU 7001 Aluminium used in the Compact Series is manufactured with Zinc and Magnesium, giving it the exceptional performance in stiffness and durability, especially on the ability on preventing from fractures and snaps. While being used in high intensity training or trekking, the pole could hardly be broken into shattered parts even with extreme external forces, minimizing the possibility of being injured by the broken pieces, making the Compact Series safe and reliable in all circumstances.

FIZAN patented FLEXY Locking System is built with the reliable Aluminium barrel adjuster, and the closed adjustable locking compartment made of Delrin polystyrene. The locking compartment could take up to 100kg (220lbs) horizontal forces repeatedly, while hikers could single-handedly adjust the length of the pole, making it convenient and safe to use anywhere.

Building Material: ALU 7001 Aluminium Alloy
Adjustable Length: 51 - 125 cm
Adjusting System: FLEXY 4 Sections Twist Locking System
Body Diameter: 17/16/14/12 mm
Weight: 169g/pole
Hand Grip: EVA Ergonomics Grip+Polyester Strap
Tip: E-Basket Alu Carbide
Accessories: 35mm and 50mm basket、Rubber Tip
Made in ITALY

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