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Compressport Men's Hurricane Waterproof Jacket

Compressport Men's Hurricane Waterproof Jacket

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Colour: Black

Featherweight, all-season windproof jacket offering optimal freedom of movement, performance and protection in gusty conditions. Perfect for all multisport activities.

When the training plan says outdoors yet the wind is howling, the all-season Hurricane Windproof Jacket is the weapon you need to get your session done. Developed specifically for high performance wind protection, this featherweight jacket packs signature Compressport technologies into just 100g of fabric. Tafta material on the front provides ultimate protection against strong winds to keep you warm when the elements are against you. The material on the back and sleeves features our signature On/Off technology, with clever alveoli that open for optimal breathability to keep baselayers warm and dry. The fit is perfectly adjusted to avoid any bothersome flapping, with a second-skin feel that makes you forget you're even wearing it. With full 4-way stretch capacity, this jacket allows total freedom of movement and stretches easily over a trail pack. The full-length, self-locking zip can be opened for extra breathability when the sun comes out and a convenient chest pocket allows you to keep essentials close at hand. This pocket is reversible so you can fold the jacket into it and quickly slide it into a pocket or Freebelt when the wind dies down. The long-cut sleeves and high neck offer added protection and warmth, as does the longer design at the rear. Reflective detailing is paramount to help keep you safe and visible in low-light conditions, which is why the jacket features reflective logos on the front and back, dots at the base of the back and bands around the wrists. All materials are OEKO-TEX®-certified and very soft to the touch to avoid any distracting rustling as you move. Designed primarily to counter Eolus, it is nevertheless lightly water-repellent in case you get caught in an unexpected rainshower. Perfect for trail running, cycling, cross-country skiing or any other outdoor activity.

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