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HydraPak Bite Valve Sheath 2-Pack

HydraPak Bite Valve Sheath 2-Pack

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Colour: 99998

Replacing your bite valve from time to time helps maintain your hydration system. HydraPak's Bite Valve Sheaths provide a soft bite and are made of durable silicone. Perfect for chewers or to keep in your emergency gear kit with your bandaids and duct tape. Fits and replaces all HydraPak bite valves on our Reservoirs, SoftFlasks, and UltraFlasks. 

*Please note - Blaster Sheaths DO NOT fit on the new Comet Bite valves and are not compatible with any of the new 2023 reservoirs.


    5.7 g / 0.2 oz

    POM, Silicone
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