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Compressport Women's Trail Under Control Pirate 3/4

Compressport Women's Trail Under Control Pirate 3/4

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Colour: Black

Switzerland is not known for being warm, yet it is the local training ground of trail pro Kathrin Götz. No wonder the thermoregulating Trail Under Control compression pirate are top of the pile in her wardrobe. Strategically-placed compression panels provide maximum support to thighs and buttocks. Vibrations are reduced up to 30% while enhanced blood flow oxygenates muscles faster, delaying fatigue. Optimised ventilation bands woven directly into the compression guarantee 360° aeration and quickly wick away moisture to reduce chafing and irritation. A added mesh behind the knee gives extra freedom of movement. The 2020 updated model boasts a woman-specific cut, guaranteeing an ergonomic fit, optimal comfort and a touch of feminine style. Trail-specific details are key, with an ergonomically-cut waist for added core support in uneven terrain. A rear mesh pocket holds nutrition and small personal belongings while outer silicone grips on the thighs prevent palms from slipping when pushing the pace up steep hills. Combined with the Full Socks Run or calf sleeves, these 3/4 trail running leggings meet the strict UTMB guideline for full-length leg cover.

  • Postponed fatigue and improved performance through reduced muscle vibration, helping you maintain speed and intensity for longer during effort
  • High-level muscle support through targeted compression panels around the quads, hamstrings and buttocks, reducing the risk of cramps and preventing injury
  • Maximum thermoregulation thanks to ventilation panels in key areas which quickly wick away sweat and moisture to keep you dry and warm in chilly conditions
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