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Compressport ArmForce Ultralight

Compressport ArmForce Ultralight

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Colour: White

The Armforce Ultra-light are the ultimate compression arm sleeves delivering a feeling of strength and muscle support for athletics, trail running, road or mountain cycling, … Wear your Armforce Ultra-light during the effort to reduce vibrations responsible for torn muscles and injuries. As a result, cramps disappear and toxins do not accumulate. Also during recovery, just after showering wear them to reduce muscle pain and get light and rested arms. Ventilation bands have been integrated directly into the elbow for an even more effective and enjoyable compression. Bioceramic crystals integrated in the fibre facilitate optimal body thermoregulation during extreme effort. Ergonomic these ultra-light arm sleeves naturally fit your muscles while allowing great freedom of movement. The elbow area is extremely flexible avoiding any discomfort. The extra-soft fibres and seamless design make these sleeves the softest of all! As genuine second skin, they protect arms from cold and are effective as anti-UV.

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