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Compressport Headband On/Off

Compressport Headband On/Off

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Colour: Deco Rose


The Thin Headband On/Off packs optimal ventilation technology into a stylish, narrow running headband. Slimmer than the classic model, the black band offers a sleek contemporary look. Its stretchy, seamless fabric is designed for ultra-effective thermoregulation and comfort during training and racing thanks to integrated vents. The on/off technology offers all-round ventilation to ensure any sweat is quickly evacuated. The material is hydrophobic and dries up to 7 times faster than traditional headbands to ensure your head remains cool in hot conditions. The ultra-soft, extensible fibres fit the contours of your head and ears without creating uncomfortable pressure points. Eyes and forehead are kept free of sweat and unruly hair. The band can also be worn under a hood or helmet with no risk of chafing or irritation. Product height: 7.5 cm

-Maximum thermoregulation thanks to perforated microfibre, which quickly wicks away sweat and moisture so your head stays dry and cool

-Comfortable and ergonomic fit thanks to ultra-stretchy, soft fibres which fit perfectly to any headshape

-Exceptionally light microfibre fabric which you will barely feel you're wearing
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