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CW-X Women's TIGHTS HZY119

CW-X Women's TIGHTS HZY119

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Colour: GY

Full guard from waist to legs. Cool and comfortable to escape heat and stuffiness.
High-support model of CW-X. Recommended for marathons, ball games, and other sports that put a heavy load on your body.
・ Supporting parts: hips, thighs, knees, calves
・ Design: CW-X original stage pressure
Protect your knees from the impact of landing. Eliminating the seams of support lines, we pursue lightness and comfort. Full mesh material.
Adjustable waist strap.
・ Waist: Thin and flat with rubber sandwich
・ Sleeve: Overlock
・ Functionality: sweat absorption, quick drying, UV protection, stretch
(Note) It cannot be used in the pool.


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