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Colour: Tan

For those who want to concentrate power on a pinpoint

, just press with your fingers and apply it snugly where it feels good or uncomfortable.

This round seal type body care tape is easy and convenient to use.

Aqua Titanium is concentrated in the fabric about 30 times more than usual, and micro titanium balls are used on the adhesive side.

What is PHITEN?

PHITEN is a health support company that has the slogan “Everything for your health” and offers various products such as body care, skin care, hair care and more. PHITEN’s unique feature is its “METAX technology”, which is a process of applying metal ions to various materials to enhance their effects on the body.

PHITEN’s vision is to create a healthy lifestyle for everyone by providing products that can help with relaxation, recovery, circulation, balance and more. PHITEN also collaborates with other industries such as housing, apparel and sports to expand its reach and impact

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