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CW-X Women's TIGHT VCY139

CW-X Women's TIGHT VCY139

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Colour: BL
■Recommended for sports such as fitness, training, and yoga.

●Lift up the slack with NANO tape*. The body fabric wraps it perfectly and maintains a silhouette even when you move.
 Gently press from the lower abdomen to the waist to remove sagging skin over a wide area.
 If you feel any abnormality on your skin, please stop using it immediately.
 *A tape made with Teijin's ultra-fine fiber Nanofront®, which is non-slip and has a soft texture.
 *Nanofront® is a trademark of Teijin Frontier Ltd.
●The main body fabric is an environmentally friendly material using recycled nylon thread.

・Waist: Built-in NANO tape on the skin side, which can be pulled up when worn to create a smooth body line.
・Abdomen: Contains a power net to provide soft support for the tummy
・Gusset: Pattern design that prevents getting wedged
・Sweat absorbent and quick drying (main body)
・UV protection rate of over 90% (main body)
・Stretch (main body)
・Inseam length: Long (ankle length) )
・Put-in length: Just waist

*Cannot be used in pools as the material is sensitive to chlorine.

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