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Mag-on Granuated Power 8 sticks

Mag-on Granuated Power 8 sticks

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The immediate magnesium supply after sweating of triathlon, marathon, trail running, mountaineering, sports bike (bicycle), swimming training. Also good for water supply while doing sports. Recommended for regular physical condition management, conditioning for any race, and daily training supply.
For preparing after sweating and stressed out during race. Can also be used with water supply.
The direct magnesium supply for late stage of long distance races such as: triathlon, cycling, marathon, etc.
The decisive supplement for ball games such as: baseball, soccer, tennis, basketball, golf, etc. Also good as supplement after race and training.

About "Magnesium:" One of the essential minerals that cannot be synthesized in the body. The highly relevant nutrient for the work of the muscles and nerves and bones and teeth forming. The fourth massive nutrients in life forms' body which is highly relevant to the physiology. About 70% of magnesium exists in form of bones and teeth as magnesium phosphate, and is as important as calcium to form bones. It also exists in muscles (about 30%) and blood (about 1%).

Common uses: After sweating in the triathlon, marathon, trail running, mountaineering, sports bike (bicycle), swimming training. Magnesium supplement for during or after exercise.

Nutrition Facts: [Serving size 3.7 g per pack]
Calories -- 11.1 kcal, Protein -- 0.409 g, Fat -- 0.00 g, Carbohydrate -- 2.9 g. Sodium -- 0.1~1 mg. Magnesium -- 200 mg.

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