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ARTY:ACTIVE Unisex's T-shirt Hydroweather

ARTY:ACTIVE Unisex's T-shirt Hydroweather

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Colour: Ice


ARTY:ACTIVE Unisex T-shirt Hydroweather concept is inspired by the speed of running to express the runner's speed and physical and mental extreme speed and agility, enjoying the process of running in the groove.

Featuring a racing cut, this t-shirt is manufactured with 100% seamless ultrasonic seamless bonding technology, combining the best of design with the best technology to create an ultra-light, versatile and comfortable garment with a unique style.

The fabric of this T-shirt is made from a soft, sensitive, non-irritating material made from recycled polyester that absorbs and wicks away sweat to reduce dampness. It dries faster than cotton T-shirts.

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