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AKIV Runner's Number Bib Clips

AKIV Runner's Number Bib Clips

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Colour: Pink


Features of the AKIV Runnap:

  • Specifically designed for marathon races, featuring a two-in-one design for easy use.
    • Specifically designed for marathon races, adopting a two-in-one design. Based on testing and feedback, it is highly secure and does not easily detach. Recommended for those who want to easily attach their race bib before the race to avoid the issue of the bib falling off during the race.
  • Firm and secure, ensuring it doesn't easily detach after usage.
  • Circular shape to protect clothing from damage.
    • The upgraded design features circular shape, providing better protection for clothing. This prevents clothing from being damaged or caught between the clip and the fabric, eliminating the risk of sharp objects, causing damage to clothes or injury to the wearer.
  • Polished surface, ensuring low friction when in contact with the skin.
    • Polished, ensuring that there is low friction or discomfort when it comes into contact with the skin. Made of polyoxymethylene/nylon, there is no need to worry about rust.
  • Comes in a pack of 5 for convenient use as backups.
    • The considerate pack includes 5 clips, serving as backups for your convenience.
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