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AKIV Diamond Elite Singlet (Unisex)

AKIV Diamond Elite Singlet (Unisex)

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Colour: Diamond

Due to the enthusiastic response to the first edition of the AKIV Elite Singlet, we are now launching the second edition of the AKIV Elite Singlet. Earlier, Malaysian runners had the privilege of being the first to experience the AKIV Elite Singlet second edition and achieved excellent results and awards.


Singlet Design Highlights:

- Side slits, allowing unrestricted leg movement

- Edge binding to reduce friction
- Multi-shape breathable hole design, increasing direct skin-to-air contact, effectively accelerating heat dissipation and sweat evaporation
- Slightly textured outer surface, increasing fabric surface area, significantly improving sweat absorption and evaporation
- Ultra-smooth inner texture, greatly reducing the chance of nipple abrasion
- Weighing approximately 38g (based on M size), achieving a balance between fabric weight and sweat evaporation speed, maintaining a dry and comfortable feel during exercise and significantly reducing the occurrence of clothes sticking to the skin

-Two reflective strips on the back.Reflects bright light at night. Ensures safety

*The fabric weight is related to its sweat absorption ability; lighter fabrics can easily become saturated and cause the clothes to stick to the skin, affecting performance. The singlet design does not solely focus on being as light as possible, but rather aims to achieve a balance between fabric weight and sweat evaporation speed.*

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