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AKIV 2 in 1 Multi Pocket Tights Trail Shorts (Unisex)

AKIV 2 in 1 Multi Pocket Tights Trail Shorts (Unisex)

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Colour: Black

Specific Design For Trail Running

Shorter. Extremely light.

Unobstructed speed display.

Trail 2" running shorts (inner tight version) for men and women.

Shorter. Extremely light.

Help you to perform your speed. 

AKIV running shorts combine the need for a phone case, waist pack, and inner tights into one perfect package 😎
One pair of AKIV running shorts can take care of it all! Running can finally be done with both hands free 😎 The valuable items are placed in a large, waterproof zippered pocket on the back. No need to worry about running and causing your phone to get wet, the waterproof lining can prevent sweat from getting on your phone 😎

📌 A-shaped split on both sides, unobstructed large stairs and rugged terrain

📌 Zippered pockets on both sides, can hold small items to prevent them from falling out

📌 Reflective bib buckle

📌 Inner Tight - Smooth and lightweight fabric. With abrasion resistance, it significantly reduces the chance of rubbing against the inside of the thigh and minimizes the risk of injury.

📌 Large open split on both sides for easy high-intensity training and effective leg movements.

📌The super elastic and tough mesh fabric keeps equipment close to the body and reduces shaking.

📌Material: Lightweight, elastic, and water-repellent fabric.

📌The back zippered pocket is designed with a waterproof inner layer and can hold iPhone Pro Max.

📌Built-in inner: Prevents exposure during exercise and quickly absorbs sweat.

📌The waistband can hold a water bag/phone/energy gel and other small items.

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