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aminoVITAL® PERFECT ENERGY Sports Jelly Drink contains a proprietary blend of amino acids (Alanine & Proline) that helps improve endurance by regulating blood sugar levels. The perfect partner of endurance athletes.


Per Serving 130g:

Alanine 4.5g

Proline 0.5g




The Ajinomoto (Singapore) Store is the official online E-Commerce Platform of Ajinomoto (Singapore) - the official importer and distributor of Ajinomoto products in Singapore.


In line with our group's mission to contribute to the world’s food and wellness, and to better lives for the future. We provide products of the highest quality and purity,


So that everyone may Eat Well, Live Well.




The Ajinomoto Co., Inc. story began with taste, when Professor Kikunae Ikeda from the University of Tokyo isolated glutamate from the seaweed and discovered its flavour enhancing properties in 1908. The next year, his discovery was introduced to the market in the form of the flavour enhancer AJI-NO-MOTO® meaning the Essence of Taste (scientifically, it is termed as Monosodium Glutamate, or MSG in short).


Since the launch of its groundbreaking product AJI-NO-MOTO®, the Ajinomoto Group has continued to create new value by deepening its knowledge of amino acids and expanding into fields such as health and pharmaceuticals while developing a new dietary culture. Today, we offer a variety of products worldwide, including seasonings, frozen foods, processed foods, beverages, amino acids and specialty chemicals.

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