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Complete blackout 100%! Unisex folding parasol with a simple but meticulous

design A unisex parasol from Wpc.
The rib is 55 cm long and large enough for men, but it weighs 230 g and is convenient to carry.
Black is used for all parts such as the handle and strap to create a stylish design with a profound feeling.
Choose your favorite one from a wide variety of color variations, such as basic colors that are easy to use in any situation, and trendy cut-and-sew colors.

■ 100% shading rate and UV cut rate! Complete blackout and UV cut parasol
All colors achieve 100% light blocking rate and UV cut rate to protect your skin from the sun.
It is a perfect item for UV protection, with the necessary UV cut performance to prevent sunburn.
It also has excellent heat insulation to keep you cool, so it can also be used as a countermeasure against heatstroke in the hot summer.
(*The UV shielding (UV cut) rate and light shielding rate listed are the measured values ​​of the fabric. This does not apply to
parts other than UV treated fabric such as embroidery and sewing of the product.) Water repellent and waterproof

for both rain and shine
Because it is processed, it can also be used as an umbrella.

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