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CEP Men's Run Calf Sleeves V4

CEP Men's Run Calf Sleeves V4

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Colour: Blue


  • RUNNING CALF COMPRESSION SLEEVE FOR MEN: This CEP leg compression sleeve features graduated compression that is clinically proven to improve performance, reduce injury, and minimize leg pain from calf and shin swelling while running and working out.

PREMIUM MATERIALS: These supportive calf sleeves use moisture-wicking materials to guarantee ultimate comfort when running, hiking, cycling, or hitting the gym. These CEP compression leg sleeves are treated with silver to reduce unpleasant odors.COMFORTABLE FIT: Open structure design on back of calf improves breathability as ventilation is enhanced and skin is allowed to breathe. CEP sleeves are anatomically designed to comfortably fit the leg and prevent slipping or seams causing blisters.IMPROVE BLOOD CIRCULATION: These graduated compression calf sleeves use 20-30 mmHg compressive yarns to improve blood circulation, reducing fatigue and making muscles feel better. Muscle vibrations are reduced, preventing injuries such as shin splints.INNOVATIVE ACTIVE WEAR: Reach the finish line with activewear that raises your expectations and standards. Creativity, technology, and design come together for premium fitness gear that both runners and workout enthusiasts won’t be able to live without.



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