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DYNAFIT Ultra 12 Vest

DYNAFIT Ultra 12 Vest

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Colour: 0910 Black Out
Holds everything you need on the trails: The Ultra 12 Unisex Running Vest was developed for ambitious ultrarunners and boasts impressive intelligent design features and perfect fit. At just 190 grams, this light, performance-oriented Ultra 12 Running Vest fits like a second skin and offers quick and easy access to gear and provisions without the need to take off the vest. It is divided into a total of 12 compartments, all of which are accessible while running and offer tons of room. You can stay perfectly organized and always have at hand just what you need. The Ultra 12 also features a removable waterproof pocket for a smartphone and the like, which you can stash wherever you like in the running vest. Particular attention was given by the developers to the fit because nothing is more annoying on a run than a running vest that bobbles all around. A non-stretch vest serves as the basis for the Ultra 12 and guarantees perfect stability, even on speedy downhills. In the case you are out with less gear, the back compartment can be compressed with two hooks so everything stays compact and snug close to your back. The vest’s fit can also be individualized perfectly for your size and body shape via two stretch closures and the side adjustment system. An additional special feature of the Ultra 12 Running Vest is the pole attachment. For this, you have the choice of three different options: front vertical, rear vertical, or rear horizontal as a “V” – however you prefer. Two 500 ml soft flasks with wide mouths for quick refilling are included with each pack. Ultra 12 Running Rest – Plenty of room for long runs.


- Compression
- Easily Accessible Pockets
- Height-Adjustable Chest Strap
- Including Two 500 ml Soft Flasks
- Lateral Adjustment
- Reflective Details
- Removable Waterproof Pocket
- Repositionable Pole Fixation
- Safety Whistle
- Stretch Pockets


- Weight: 190 g
- Volume: 12 l
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