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IZIPIZI Journey (Ex Nautic)

IZIPIZI Journey (Ex Nautic)

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Colour: Hazel (Green Lenses)

The Journey has a thicker frame for better strength and resistance. Its temples have been redesigned for a better fit and its shape has been adjusted for greater comfort. The frame finish changes from soft to matte to ensure greater resistance to sports conditions. The polarized lenses provide optimal protection in a bright environment with strong reflections. Like all Izipizi sports frames, the Journey has hinges with rivets for better resistance over time

Curved temples

The slightly curved branches of the glasses provide an optimal fit for all face shapes, for sports activities without constraints.

Wide field of vision

The full frame offers a wide field of vision to fully enjoy the panorama during your outdoor sports activities.

Bio-sourced material

The frame of the glasses is made of 45% organic polyamide sourced from castor oil.

Sunglasses cat. 3, VLT 12%

The glasses will protect your eyes in good weather thanks to their 100% UV category 3 brown screen specially designed to ensure optimal protection against strong light and increase contrast in mountainous environments.

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