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Overstim.s BCAA (NEW) - 180 tablets

Overstim.s BCAA (NEW) - 180 tablets

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The BCAA (Branched Chain Amino-Acids) play an essential role, all through the sports season, in the maintenance of muscle balance.

During physical exertion, the body draws its energy on the muscular glycogen stores. This store should be renewed during the effort by an appropriate energy source.

If this is not done properly (inappropriate energy fluid, etc.) your glycogen stores completely ware out. In this case, amino acids, particularly the BCAA, will be used to provide a replacement energy source.

A lack in BCAA can thus result in a decrease in performance and, on the long run, a loss in muscle power.

OVERSTIM.s BCAA allows a fast recovery and eases effort repetition.

3 tablets at each of your 3 main meals for a period of 15 to 20 days.

Recovery : 3 capsules after your physical exercise.

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