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Overstim.s ENERGIX Liquid Energy Gel

Overstim.s ENERGIX Liquid Energy Gel

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The endurance energy gel par excellence

The ENERGIX energy gel is specially designed for long-distance sports training, such as marathons, trails, cycling, MTB, triathlons, etc.

ENERGIX helps you maintain your performance in your long-distance sporting activities thanks to its supply of gradual energy, plant-based BCAA and vitamin B6 which contributes to reducing fatigue.

Take the ENERGIX energy gel during an event at regular intervals, about every 45 minutes, when your body requires temporary extra fuel.

Its liquid texture makes it especially practical and enjoyable to consume during a sporting activity.

Highlights of the ENERGIX energy gel

The ENERGIX energy gel provides:

  • gradual energy
  • plant-based BCAA (branched-chain amino acids)
  • vitamin B1 which contributes to good energy metabolism
  • vitamin B6 which contributes to reducing fatigue

Easily absorbed

With no preservatives and no colouring, the ENERGIX energy gel is easily absorbed and supports you throughout your sports training.

100% Natural flavours

The natural flavours in the ENERGIX energy gel offer a unique taste experience. With a wide range of flavours, the ENERGIX energy gel combines enjoyment with results.

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