Venue : Cinema City, JP House 1 & 2

Date : Mar 26, 2018 (Monday)

Time : 9:30pm

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Barkley Marathons

The Barkley Marathons is an extremely difficult ultra-distance event.

Over 60,000 feet of elevation gain (over 120,000 feet of change), that is equivalent to climbing and descending Mount Everest TWICE from sea level!

Despite thousands of athletes attempting The Barkley Marathons, only 15 individuals have finished the event since its inception in 1986 till 2017.

Ethan Newberry
is an ultrarunner and filmmaker who recently returned to Seattle, WA after nearly a decade working in the entertainment industry in Los Angeles, CA. He is the creator of the YouTube channel, "The Ginger Runner", with over 100,000 subscribers and nearly 15 million views. He's run numerous ultramarathons, including the Cascade Crest 100 where he was paced by Gary Robbins. He's extremely grateful to Laz for granting special access to document Gary's attempts at The Barkley Marathons.


Gary Robbins is an ultrarunner and race director who calls North Vancouver, BC home. He also run a coaching business and actively involved in the trail running communities in US and Canada.


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