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Compressport Headband On/Off Flash

Compressport Headband On/Off Flash

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Colour: Black

The ultimate in versatile headwear, our signature Headband On/Off is designed to keep you cool in summer, yet also warm when temperatures drop. We take things one step further by adding reflective logos and prints to help you stay visible when the sun drops below the horizon. The stretchy, seamless fabric of the headband is designed for ultra-effective thermoregulation and comfort during training and racing. The on/off technology offers 360° ventilation for rapid evacuation of sweat: the headband dries up to 7 times faster than regular models to ensure you don’t overheat or catch a chill. The soft fibres fit the contours of your head and ears without creating uncomfortable pressure points, keeping eyes and forehead free of sweat and unruly hair. Exceptionally ergonomic, the Flash hairband for running stays securely in place no matter how intense the effort. Whether it is warm or cold, the reflective headband will keep you bright-headed in all situations.


-Maximum ventilation thanks to perforated microfibre, which quickly wicks away sweat and moisture so your head stays dry
-Comfortable and ergonomic fit thanks to ultra-stretchy, soft fibres which don't move during training
-Reflective prints to help you stay visible and safe when training in dark conditions
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